Kirsi Kunnas centenary year is reflected in Talvi-Vekara

Talvi-Vekara will be held again from 4-10 March 2024.The theme of the children’s winter event week is “Under the Fairy Tale Tree”.

In 2024, the centenary of the birth of the beloved poet Kirsi Kunnas will be celebrated. Talvi-Vekara will explore Kunnas’ diverse output through storytelling, adventures, concerts and workshops. The week of events is rounded off with popular discos, sports activities and a programme of animal farms. In addition to the city departments, the programme is organised by associations and businesses in the area. This means a varied programme of events for children of all ages and for the whole family in different parts of the city of Varkaus.

Winter-Vekara’s highlight is the TipTop Walkers’ contemporary circus show Night Village for the whole family on Tue 5 March at 18.00 in Warkaus Hall. The library has a Poetry Lounge, where you can listen and make your own poems and perform them for others. Workshops include graphic art and painting with gouache paints. There are colour baths and music sessions for the youngest members of the family, and youth services organise activities for young people.

The national Kirsi Kunnas centenary year focuses on Finnish children’s poetry, play, the joy of reading and children’s cultural participation. Talvi-Vekara invites everyone under the magic of the story tree to listen to stories, play with poems and create their own word art.