A joyful children’s festival week will be spread throughout the centre of Varkaus with the help of a wide network of partners.

A variety of performances, competitions and events bring excitement and success to children of all ages. The stages will feature top names in children’s culture, local artists and children’s own performances. In addition to a wide range of workshops, excursions, events and performances, Adventure Island, concerts in the park, competitions, Summer Street and many other favourites will return.

The theme of Time is the inspiration behind the content. Together with the children, we will create time-traveling works of art and artistic journeys through time.
If a minute is red and a day is grey, what colour is an hour?
Nights go by, days go by, and you never get there. What is it? The answer, of course, is time.

Vekara-Varkaus is carried out with health and safety in mind, in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations in force.

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