Festival week 14.-20.6.2021

High risk of colour splashes! Careful, you might catch happiness, it’s contagious!

This year, Vekara-Varkaus festival week takes over the town with the theme of ITE art, modern folk art that allows all kinds of fun! Together with the great Vekara network, we have been able to put together over 60 different live events. Decorate, design, and create in workshops, enjoy street art, hop on the street train or go around the town in a horse carriage. Children of all ages: get ready for a week of fun with the whole family!

Because we do everything health and security first, the regulations and recommendations of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland (Itä-Suomen AVI) will be followed.

Tips for spending time in Varkaus:

Attractions, activities, accommodation, and free time: http://www.visitvarkaus.fi/en

Lunch: https://lounasvarkaus.fi/

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