For the joy of children, for family moments together, not forgetting grandparents, since 1995

A joyful children’s festival week will be spread throughout the centre of Varkaus with the help of a wide network of partners three times a year.

Talvi-Vekara 4.-10 March 2024

Vekara-Varkaus festivalweek 10-16 June 2024

Syys-Vekara 14-20 October 2024

The theme of Talvi-Vekara is “under the fairy tale tree”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the beloved poet Kirsi Kunnas. The Talvi-Vekara programme draws inspiration and ideas from Kirsi´s diverse and thought-provoking work. Discos, sports activities and a programme of animal farms will complement the week’s events in the usual way. Check out the varied programme on the programme page!

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