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Adventure Island

Adventure Island deals with different themes each year, such as:

Country life (2000), Space adventure (2004), Kalevala (2005), Treasure Island (2007) for example.

The Island of Adventure is a children’s own multi-faceted adventure in a park surrounded by rapids. This year, colorful artist collective Vimma meets for the summer time to find a deeper natural connection, inspiration and a new perspective. Imaginative artists want to do community art and hope for assistants who look at things with the freshest eyes!

Also Cafe by Virtasen Pulla-Puoti.

Parking at the swimming hall (Ahlströminkatu 11) and Navitas guest places.
Tickets are sold at the gate of the island or at Tieto ja Tiketti at the library.
Age recommendation: Children under 12 years, under 8 years old only with adult

Signs to Adventure Island starts from Swimming hall.

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Kuva Veini Suuronen


Mon-Fri 11.-15.6. at 12.00-18.00
Sat 16.6. at 10.00-16.00
Sun 17.6. at 11.00-15.00


Tyyskänniemen Koskipuisto


Koko perheelle


5 €, under 3-year old free
Tickets are for sale at the Island gate or Tieto ja Tiketti (at library)