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Adventure Island

Adventure Island deals with different themes each year, such as:

Country life (2000), Space adventure (2004), Kalevala (2005), Treasure Island (2007) for example.

The Adventure Island is a children’s own adventure surrounded by nature. This summer with the most joyous company of all time!
Archaeologists trace the stages of the Riemu family. Aimo Riemu and Ilmi Riemu, the elders of the family, have been raising a joyful clan. But what is the secret of joy? Where can you find joy? Adventure, art, family or friendship?

Archaeologists open a field study for a week for volunteer research assistants. Make a trip to the island and get involved in discovering the Secrets of the Joy!

The adventure is designed with Vekarakummi Siri Kolu.

Also Cafe by Virtasen Pulla-Puoti.

Parking at the swimming hall (Ahlströminkatu 11) and Navitas guest places.
Tickets are sold at the gate of the island or at Tieto ja Tiketti at the library.
Age recommendation: Children under 12 years, under 8 years old only with adult

Signs to Adventure Island starts from Swimming hall.

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Kuva Reino Aholainen


Mon-Fri 12.-16.6. at 12.00-18.00
Sat 17.6. at 10.00-16.00
Sun 18.6. at 11.00-15.00


Tyyskänniemen Koskipuisto


Koko perheelle


5 €, under 3-year old free