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At the auditorium, 2nd floor

The flying master Osvaldo has ordered a streamlined flying device that he plans to assemble in front of the audience with the help of his friend Augusto. Have they been scammed? Technical problems make the friends fight until finally, after many mishaps they understand that only by working together can they fly and have the flight show of their dreams.

The inspiration behind this lovely story is the eternal dream of flying. The performance contemplates the challenges created by technology and the importance of human connection in a way that is suitable for children. The costumes, props, and music are inspired by the colorful world of the circus. The story is told using clownery and object theater. How are the clowns finally able to fly? There’s a surprise…

We warmly welcome you to follow The Flight Show of Our Dreams by puppet theater Annos!

The show is suitable for children over 3 and its duration is approximately 35 minutes.

Tickets: 8 €

Sales: Lippu.fi, Information and Ticket in the children’s section of the library

Organized by Vekara-Varkaus