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Welcome to try your skills in the 20th annual Finnish championship of somersaults! The playful competition is organized on an obstacle course with a length of 15 meters for children under 9 years old and 30 meters for children over 9 years old.


Mixed classes: under 5 years old, 5–6 years old, 7–8 years old

Separate classes for girls and boys: 9–10 years old, 11–14 years old, over 14 years old

The competition takes place from 14.00 to 15.30 and the award ceremony is at 16.00 on the concert stage.

The performances are judged according to time and the number of somersaults. The three best performers of each class are rewarded with trophies. Before the competition starts, there is a possibility to practice on the course. Registration happens in the competition area. Weather reservation, in case of rain, the competition will be canceled.

Welcome to have fun and compete!

Organized by the wrestling division of Varkauden Tarmo ry and Vekara-Varkaus