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Time is slow when you wait, says The Leafy man that has been waiting an entire year to meet children. We warmly welcome everyone to celebrate this year’s Vekara-Varkaus children’s festival with the theme of time. Now is the time to sing and play together!

The festival week starts with a park party at Hertunranta beach. Put your funniest and most colorful costume on, take a picnic blanket with you, and come enjoy the program! You can for example listen to music by various performers, see a Middle Ages themed performance that combines circus and musical theater, travel in time through the Finnish musical tradition, play with MLL Varkaus, draw with street chalks, and get to know Tuutikki Tolonen, an author and word art educator who tells about her workshops and word art. Children’s help is also needed to plant the Vekara tree during the event and there is a possibility to buy something good to eat from UNICEF’s stand or the container restaurant Morton’s ice cream cart where you can also meet Tuomas the dog.

Organized by Vekara-Varkaus