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Swimming pool Ilopisara, Ahlströminkatu 11

Fri 16.6. at 10.00-16.00

A unique opportunity to meet the gorgeous mermaid Riia Ilopisara at the pools!

Meet the mermaid at 10.00-11.00 and 15.00-16.00 nonstop

You can meet mermaid Riia at the dry land point. You can chat with the mermaid and admire her tail. You can even take a selfie with the mermaid.

Fairytale adventure in the children’s pool for the youngest members of the family at 12.30, duration 30 min.

Mermaid Riia will lead an interactive mermaid-themed fairytale adventure for the youngest members of the family in the children’s pool, where participants will be able to perform various water skills along with the fairytale. Afterwards, you can meet the mermaid at the end of the programme.

A play session in the big pool for the whole family at 13.15, lasting 1 hour

Games suitable for the whole family, guided by Mermaid Ria, including treasure hunting, seashell jumping and learning mermaid tricks.

TICKETS: Swimming pool entrance fee

Organised by Varkaus City Sports Services, Ilopisara Swimming Pool