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The children’s tv-program Pikku Kakkonen packs its games and musical instruments in a Play Container and drives to 10 cities to perform 3-hour-long Let’s Play Pikku Kakkonen events.

Many children have never experienced live music or the atmosphere of a public event, which is why Pikku Kakkonen and MLL invite families to sing together with Pikku Kakkonen’s people. The tour aims to fulfill children’s wishes about meeting their favorites from the show and getting to know the process of making it.

The concert invites everyone to play and sing with Pikku Kakkonen’s people at 17.00. You get to meet for example the Nalle the bear, Leikki-Heikki, some of the hosts of Pikku Kakkonen, and the Let’s Play Pikku Kakkonen orchestra.

The concert will be recorded and shown on Pikku Kakkonen’s Saturday mornings as well as on Yle Areena starting 2.7.2022. The event happens outside and is free of charge. The local MLL and its collaborators will organize fun activities. Take with you a blanket to sit on during the concert!

The event is organized in the following cities from 16.00 to 19.00:

Ma 6.6. Kajaani, Kajaani-hallin monitoimikenttä (the concert at 17.00)
Ti 7.6. Kuhmo, Kuhmo-talon field (the concert at 17.00)
Ke 8.6. Lieksa, Lieksan satama (the concert at 17.00)
To 9.6. Joensuu, Laulurinne (the concert at 17.00)
Pe 10.6. Varkaus, Itsenäisyydenpuisto (the concert at 17.00)
La 11.6. Pieksämäki, The cultural center Poleeni’s park, NB! Event from 15.00 to 18.00 (the concert at 16.00)
Ti 14.6. Vaasa, Onkilahdenpuisto (the concert at 17.00)
Ke 15.6. Kauhajoki, Virkku (the concert at 17.00)
To 16.6. Merikarvia, Krooka harbor (the concert at 17.00)
Pe 17.6. Luvia, Laitakari harbor (the concert at 17.00)

Additional information about the event (in Finnish): yle.fi/lapset