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Swimming pool Ilopisara, Ahlströminkatu 11

Mon 12.6. and Fri 16.6. at 17.30, duration approx. 3,5 h

Welcome to a guided introduction to scuba diving under the guidance of diving instructors. Participants must be at least 12 years of age before they start. There is no upper age limit. Under 18s need a parent or guardian’s permission. A permission form is available from the swimming pool cashier.

Participants in the scuba diving school must read the material in advance at my.priimalms.com/ns/15369 (ID and password: sukelluskokeilu). Please also fill in the health information form available from the swimming pool cashier.

If all the answers are NO, you will be able to participate.

if you answered YES to any of the questions, a medical certificate is required

At 17.30 in the swimming pool cafeteria, 30 min recap

At 18.00 to the pool

At 20.30 the trial ends. Unloading and return of equipment

21.00 Exit from the swimming pool


REGISTRATION: by 5 June at info(a)vesihiisi.net


Organised by Varkaus City Sports Services and Diving Association Vesihiisi ry