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Library exhibition space, 2nd floor, Osmajoentie 1

Mon-Thu 12.-15.6. from 10.00 to 19.00 nonstop
Fri 16.6. 10.00-17.00 nonstop
Sat 17.6. 10.00-14.00 nonstop

Go on an expedition to the seas of the world! The journey takes you from freshwater areas along rivers through the Baltic Sea to tropical waters. You can visit the belly of a whale or the dark ocean depths among lantern fish and other magical creatures. Along the way, you’ll also meet mermaids and other mysterious water creatures. In the exhibition’s workshop, you can explore the ocean depths and use metallic paint to colour your own aquatic creature as part of a full-wall collaborative artwork that reveals the diverse and interesting life of the underwater world.  For a journey of imaginative exploration, you can take a wandering aquatic animal from the exhibition platform.

The fairytale set is designed by artist Maria Rouvinen-Mäkelä and artist Eija Volanen, based on ideas by Laura Ertimo.

Free admission

Organised by Vekara-Varkaus