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Park Concert

Sunday afternoon is devoted to live music and fun together in Park Concert.

The Park of Independence is filled with picnics, the kids are running around and playing with the Leafy Man. The festival week is over and the fun memories remain for a long time.

The Leafy Man sings with the Vekaraorkester’s accompaniment for his favorite songs. The concert will also feature the three best singers in the series of Children’s and Youth Song Contest series, accompanied by Vekaraorkester.

Children’s orchestra’s Höpinätötterö show is fun and humorous for the whole family. Adventures include a racing cars, delicious sandwiches and a Nestori worm that does not like angling.

Savon Voima will celebrate its 70th anniversary together with its customers. For the public of the Vekara-Varkaus Park Concert, Savon Voima offers star singer Miia Kosunen. The striking Miia Kosunen is the winner of The Voice of Finland in 2015. Miia presents the audience’s favorite songs with Vekaraorkesteri’s accompaniment, and the audience of all ages can jam at the pace of music.

As a part of the program, children plant Vekara tree and sculpt sand. The Animal Protection Association in the Varkaus Region brings animals.

Welcome to enjoy with the whole family.

Kuva Timo Heinonen


Sun 18.6. at 14.00




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