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Obstacle Trail Hobby Horse Competition


10.00 am Class 1. smallest competitors 1-3 years old                           The number of competitors affects timetables!
10.30 am Class 2. 20 cm barriers 4-6 years old
11.00 am Class 3. 20 cm barriers 7-9 years old
11.30 am Class 4. 50 cm barriers 10-12 years old
12.00 am Class 5. 50 cm barriers over 12 years old

You can participate in the competition with your own hobby horse or one of the “rental horses” of the stable.

Registration for the competition on the site. Registration ends 10 min before the beginning of the class and the class is ridden in the registration order.

Getting to know the track is before the start of each class. After each class winners are awarded with rosettes. The next class starts immediately after award ceremony of the previous class so you should be in good time before the start of your class.

Further information:

Tieto ja Tiketti tel. +358 (0)44 912 9395

Organiser: Vekara-Varkaus

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Kuva Veini Suuronen


Fri 15.6.
Registration from 9.30 am




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